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Quincy Christmas Light Installation

Christmas is always “just around the corner.” Maybe not on the calendar but you just know that the moment Halloween ends is when the decorations start popping up all over town. That’s why for home (or business) owners in Quincy, Christmas light installation is something you’re going to have to think about.

Rather than climbing on a ladder yourself this holiday season, we think it’s seriously worth having a professional Quincy Christmas light installation team do the hard work for you.

Create Fantastic Memories

What makes Christmas so special? Call us sentimental, but we’ve actually put quite a bit of thought into this. It’s not the gifts or presents, it’s not Black Friday sales or a few days off work. To us what makes Christmas special are the shared memories that bring us together.

Almost everybody knows “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Let It Snow.” The smells, sounds, and sights are enough to bring even strangers together. Of course, key among the shared experience is the decorations around the neighborhood.

Children absolutely LOVE Christmas lights. Every winter for the rest of their lives they’ll remember how their house was decorated for the holidays. Some families have made it a tradition to go ‘Christmas light viewing.’ Heck, lighting competitions even appear on national television. Just like you take pride in your lawn, your house, your car, you can take pride in a well-designed holiday display.

The downside of these decorations is setting them up and breaking them back down. There really is a lot to it. We’ve talked to enough homeowners to know the frustrations, so you can trust us when we tell you: you really don’t want to do it yourself.

Quincy Christmas Lighting Process

Anybody who’s attempted to put up their own lights knows exactly what a pain it can be. Anybody who’s successfully accomplished a FIVE STAR Christmas display knows there’s a lot more that goes into it than meets the eye. You really want a professional team on your side to eliminate headaches. Our Quincy Christmas lighting services are all inclusive, meaning we take care of EVERYTHING for you!

Christmas Light Installation Hassles


Not all lights are created equal. Poorly made lights won’t withstand snow, wind and rain. We only install professional grade LEDs with our Christmas light installation services.


Quality lights don’t come cheap when you’re buying for a single house. Because entire neighborhoods do business with us, we can pass the bulk discounts down to you.


There’s more to safety than steadying ladders and stepping carefully. Those cheap lights we mentioned above can be fire hazards when something goes wrong.


Nobody we’ve ever met LIKED the idea of replacing a dead bulb in the dead of winter. We take care of the maintenance for you! If you ever have any issues at all let us know and we will come out to your home in 24 hours!


Home and business owners only deal with setting up lights one day a year. The unfamiliarity with the process and hardware can make troubleshooting take FOREVER if you’re going at it alone. It really helps to have the Quincy Christmas light installation experts on your side.

Electric Load

Depending on your set up, you might be putting additional stress on your circuits which will trip your breakers. We will intelligently distribute the load in a way that keeps your breakers from tripping.


Setting up a Christmas display is one thing. Setting up a display that LOOKS AMAZING takes dozens of trips up and down ladders for minor adjustments that make all the difference.

Light Removal

Removing the lights is the LEAST fun part because there’s not even anything to look forward to when you’re done. That’s why so many people leave their decorations up much longer than they ought to, they dread and procrastinate the work.

We can go on, but we’d be here all day. When we’re out on a job, our customers love to talk about previous disasters. In fact, we’ve probably heard every horror story of Christmas light installation in Quincy.

The bottom line is: Everyone loves looking at Christmas lights, but due to the many obstacles, many families and business owners put it off entirely. That’s because, unlike you, they haven’t decided to trust the best Quincy Christmas light installation company!

Benefits Of Our Custom Christmas Lighting Services

Custom Cut Christmas Lighting

All of our Christmas lighting projects entail custom cut LED lights made to fit your home perfectly. Some people like to let their natural creativity dictate the display – we love it and will bring your design to life. If you would rather us surprise you with a one-of-a-kind show stopper, we can do that too. Whichever direction you prefer, we’re your trusted source for custom Christmas lighting in Quincy.

Professional Grade Christmas Lighting

We pride ourselves on using only the best quality products at prices you can’t find anywhere else. These aren’t just any Home Depot lights, this is professional-grade stuff. Our professional grade Christmas lighting shines brighter than any store bought lights and we custom cut the lights to fit your home and your home alone.

Christmas Light Timing

Some people like their Christmas lights to stay on 24/7. However, with a surge of environmental awareness sweeping Illinois, we understand how it might be a bit much. We can time your lights to turn on at dusk, and off at dawn.

Christmas Light Removal

Because you’ve entrusted your Christmas lighting to the pros, you won’t have to be the one property with lights up until Valentine’s day! Whenever you’re ready to have your lights down, we’re ready to do it!

Christmas Light Maintenance

There’s no accounting for random weather elements. There’s a small chance that even the most reliable lights die out during storms. Because you chose us, this won’t be your problem. Give us a call and we’ll fix any problems that arise during the life of your display.

Affordable Christmas Lighting

You don’t have to be rich to use our service. Although our services are a luxury and are high quality we offer Christmas lighting packages that many can afford without breaking the bank.

Christmas Light Guarantee

It’s extremely important to us that you’re satisfied with our services. If for any reason you’re not, just let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make it right – day or night!

Quincy Commercial Christmas Light Installation

We know that most people who are reading this are residential homeowners, but this last section is for the business owners. The decision to decorate for Christmas is a very easy one. There are too many real, proven benefits to Quincy Commercial Christmas Light Installation.

For instance, Golden Corral made one of its split tests publicly available. The locations which decorated for Christmas saw a 5% revenue boost over locations that didn’t. The benefits even hold true in other parts of the world – Scientists in the UK discovered that store owners who put out decorations are seen by their customers to be generally pleasant people who are seen as more friendly and approachable.

Without a doubt, you should call a Quincy Christmas light installation team as soon as November rolls around. We know just the one you should pick.

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