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If you’re a property owner here in Quincy, deck cleaning might not be at the top of your priority list. We think that’s a mistake.

When you talk to as many homeowners as we do, you can really feel the sense of pride they get from their homes. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses or rivalry between neighbors.

Rather, the beauty of your home is a reflection of yourself. It really shows that you care about the things close to you. It just feels good when your house looks good. However, because most homeowners spend so much time on things like lawn care, painting, and siding, it’s easy to overlook some other exterior features. Features like your decks or fences.

The Importance of Quincy Deck Cleaning

A well-maintained deck is just as important to your house’s image as anything else. You can tell a lot about a person by how much attention is paid to the ‘little’ things. It’s the difference between a “nice” property and a “holy cow” property.

Even if the inside of your house is immaculate, what the rest of the world sees is an old deck that’s rotting away and a fence that hasn’t been cared for in years – so why would they think the rest of your house is in great shape? A home is only as beautiful as its weakest link. Luckily, our Quincy deck cleaning services can rejuvenate your deck in just a couple of hours.

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What You Can Expect With Our Services

Mold and fungus Removal

Mold and fungus aren’t something that only grows in dark and dirty basements. it’s a common concern everywhere including your house, your roof, and even your deck. To rid this from your house, homeowners typically will power wash their siding. However, not many people think to extend the wash to other features such as their deck.

Mold isn’t pretty to look at, but there’s a much bigger concern than that. Mold can be a real health concern.

Both mold and fungus reproduce by releasing spores into the air. Although the type of mold that grows on your deck isn’t poisonous, it’s not quite harmless either.

Mold is a very common source of respiratory problems.If you have an immune system that is compromised like that of a pregnant woman, an elder, or a child – it can be even more of a concern. Neglecting to properly clean your deck isn’t a vanity problem but an overall well-being problem.

Moss and Algae Removal

An old Boy Scout trick to tell north from the south is to look at the nearby trees. Moss only grows on the north side of a tree. This is because moss only thrives in cool and damp areas. Here in Illinois, the sun is always biased south. If you have a deck on the north side of your property, you might have more moss than you realize because it’s not just trees that moss thrives on – decks are a prime habitat as well.

Fences are particularly vulnerable to moss growth because there is always one side that receives more shade depending on which direction the fence is running. Again this isn’t just about aesthetics but potentially property damage. In the next section, you’ll see why a deck washing service isn’t just a good idea, but necessary maintenance.

Deck Cleaning & Water Damage

Alongside the algae, mold, and moss growth come extensive water damage that can lead to structural issues. Mold and moss can trap water. Instead of running off, now you have water in constant contact with your deck. As you might know, prolonged contact with water will eat through nearly anything.

Your stain or paint is the first line of defense, but soon after your deck will start decaying. Eventually, it will no longer support significant weight. That’s why moss and mold aren’t just eyesores, they can lead to very dangerous bodily harm much faster than you’d think. You definitely don’t want your family walking on a deck with these sorts of structural issues.

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Increase Your Home's Value

If you’re looking to sell your home, a clean deck is of particular importance. Resale values are just as influenced by outward appearance as they are home inspections. This is what real estate agents refer to as “curb appeal” and it’s so important they often advise homeowners to pressure wash their homes. Studies actually have confirmed a clean exterior is linked closely to higher closing prices.

What is often overlooked (yet is just as important as clean siding) are peripheral features such as decks and fencing. These are the true indicator of home maintenance and it’s something that absolutely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Our Deck Cleaning Technique

The real reason to get a Quincy deck cleaning crew to your home (rather than doing it yourself) is that it’s not as straightforward to wash as you might think. Decks (and fences) are already outside – and it’s not like you’re asking people to take off their shoes before they walk on your deck.

When you sweep, you’re only pushing the dirt deep into the gaps and cracks. There’s not really a straightforward solution unless you feel like getting on your hands and knees with a screwdriver to clean out every individual crevice (which we’ve actually heard recommended by a misguided homeowner).

When our crew shows up to your property in Quincy, deck cleaning experts would handle the situation smartly and effectively.

How We Do It

We’ve been deck cleaning in Quincy and the surrounding areas for quite some time which lets you give your knees and back a break.

We use much of the same equipment to wash your deck and fence as we might use on your house, but the process is considerably different. Instead of regular pressure washing, we will “soft wash” which keeps the pressure considerably lower. It’s a vital part of getting in between the cracks while still protecting your paint, stain, and finish.

Soft washing is also effective in preventing wood splintering, which only causes more structural damage (which is exactly what we were trying to avoid).

Our Guarantee

When it comes to deck cleaning, Quincy has quite a few options. We guarantee a thorough job and your complete satisfaction. If during the life of your contract there is anything at all we can do to make your experience better, just let us know. We’re always happy to accommodate.

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