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If you live in Quincy, driveway cleaning probably seems pretty straightforward since the majority of driveways are made of concrete. Most of us have probably hosed down our driveways before, but how well does a hose really clean? Not that well at all. That’s why you’ll want to call us.

For the residents of Quincy, driveway cleaning is one of the most affordable forms of property maintenance. If you’re looking to sell your home, or even just want to spruce up the exterior and make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood in Quincy, driveway cleaning is a great way to go.

We Clean Filthy Driveways

Like the title says, driveways are filthy. With how often you’re driving your car in and out of the driveway, stains are bound to happen – from road grime, motor exhaust, oil, and more. Maybe you have children who like to regularly draw in the driveway with chalk.

If you do, you’ve probably noticed that the rain doesn’t completely wash the chalk away. The only way to somewhat prevent your driveway from becoming so dirty is to power wash it regularly – but that isn’t always the best solution.

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What You Can Expect With Our Services

Quincy Driveway Cleaning - More Than Meets the Eye

A driveway is normally a large flat surface – so it should be easy to clean, right? If you want your driveway cleaned THOROUGHLY, there’s a lot more steps than just power washing. These are just a few things to keep in mind if you plan to tackle your Quincy driveway cleaning yourself.

Destroying Mold

Concrete is a porous material – and now if you’ve used one of the aforementioned rust removers, it’s even more porous due to cracks. The pores and cracks absorb water easily, which makes concrete a great host for mold, moss, and algae.

Eco-Friendly Detergents

Good detergents are hard to find, GREAT detergents are even harder. Eco-friendly cleaners cost a pretty penny if you can find them. The detergents and cleansers we use are all professional-grade and eco-friendly. The stain cleanser that we use isn’t even available to anyone who isn’t an authorized applicator – it’s THAT good.

Cleaning Stains

Stains happen to driveways over time. Ever taken a look at the inside of a mechanic’s shop? The concrete is covered in oil and rust stains. These types of stains aren’t the easiest to remove from concrete either. Consumer products designed to eliminate rust stains work in part but cause damage to your concrete.

Professional Equipment

The equipment needed for a thorough driveway & paver cleaning is not cheap to buy, nor is it cheap to rent. You won’t only need a power washer, but a surface cleaner as well.

Our power washing techniques

We have developed effective power washing techniques to remove all stains from your driveway WITHOUT harming your driveway! A lot of other service providers you’ll find will end up either leaving stripes in your driveway or even use harsh chemicals that eat away at your concrete. Our technique is a lot less damaging.


Debris Removal

We first wash away and remove any dirt and debris in the driveway so you don’t have to worry about doing it before we get there.

House Protection

In order to not damage your house while cleaning the driveway, we cover any nearby outlets that may be in danger of getting soaked.

Oil Stain Removal

We will spray the driveway with a degreaser and scrub it into the concrete. This is the first step of removing oil, dirt, wax, and grease stains. Oil and grease removal can take super heated water, high pressure and powerful cleaning detergents. No matter the case we can remove any grease stains you might have.

Power Washing

After spraying the detergent, we pressure wash the entire driveway with a surface cleaner. Whatever material your driveway is made of – concrete, asphalt, stone, etc – we know the correct water pressure to use to get the driveway clean and not damage it. We are the safest driveway cleaning and power washing in Quincy and all of East Illinois.

Rust Removal Power Washing

F9 Barc is the ‘holy grail’ product that makes all the difference in driveway cleaning. F9 BARC is used to remove rust stains, orange battery stains, and much more. Only authorized F9 applicators are allowed to use F9 BARC – which is why you won’t see many other cleaning companies using it. Our entire staff has been authorized and trained to use F9 rust removal power washing products. Some of the benefits of F9 BARC are:

  • Works on all types of material – concrete, asphalt, vinyl, bricks, rubber, stone, tile, etc.
  • Eco-friendly – does not harm plants or grass.
  • F9 BARC reverses 80-100% of staining, restoring your driveway to its original coloring.
  • Unlike other rust removers, F9 BARC contains NO acids. This means your driveway stays safe from layers being ‘eaten’ off and also from being discolored.
  • If the stains are deep, we may use more than one application of F9 BARC to remove as much staining as possible. This is possible because it causes zero damage to the driveway.
  • It also acts as a sealant to the driveway to keep it looking newer longer.   

We don’t want to come to your house and just hose down your driveway. Anyone can do that. We want to thoroughly clean your driveway so that it looks brand new again!

Quincy Driveway Cleaning Guarantee

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. For our customers residing around Quincy, driveway cleaning is one of our areas of expertise. You can trust us to get the job done and do it right the first time. Call us for a free quote today! If for any reason there’s ever an issue and you’re unsatisfied, we will correct it immediately.

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