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House Washing Quincy

For most homeowners in Quincy, house washing is something they know they should do but don’t know the specifics of. Of course, you want a beautiful house – something you take pride in and love coming home to… but the specifics of might be a bit out of reach.

You might be wondering if hosing down your house is good enough. Do you need soap or detergent? What about the health of the yard? Without the right information, you might end up standing in your front yard with a kitchen sponge hoping to get all the dirt off (hint- this is the wrong way to do it).

Quincy House Washing 101

As a homeowner, it’s your job to own the home – not have a deep understanding of every industry term. That’s what experts are for. Well, we’re the experts on house washing Quincy has been looking for!

We’re going to explain to you the techniques we’d use if you were to hire us, as well as a few additional considerations we’ve picked up over the years.

As it turns out not all houses were created equal. Different conditions, locations, and materials necessitate different techniques. So let’s start at the top: Does your house need a “pressure wash” or a “soft wash”? If you’re hiring a professional house washing company they better be providing soft washing for your home or your house may be at risk.

Quincy Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is all about forcing water out of a nozzle at incredibly high pressures (hence the name). When enough water concentrates (with enough force) at the same spot, a flat surface can be cleaned pretty quickly. It’s also useful for getting in between the otherwise tough to clean crevices in fences and decks. The dirt, mold, algae, and moss is literally ripped away from the house and falls to the ground. This is a great way to quickly remove years of dirt and algae from your siding. However, this practice may cause potential damage to your home leaving behind irreparable damage. This is why your home needs soft washing!

Quincy Soft Washing

A soft wash will typically use the same basic gear as a pressure wash – but it’s far from the same process. Instead of using a nozzle that concentrates all the water into one spot, we’ll typically use one that fans the spray a bit further out. The result is ideal: instead of an incredible amount of pressure in one spot, this results in moderate pressure over an area. It’s more powerful than a hose but less harmful than “pressure washing.”

Because it’s not as powerful as a pressure wash – when it comes to house washing Quincy homes, the water is typically conditioned to add some extra power. The cleaning solution is always eco-friendly, and it’s able to penetrate the outer layer of wood, vinyl or brick (without damaging it). After the final rinse, this method allows for a much deeper clean than can be attained with using just water. Our super powered eco-friendly detergents will not only strip away algae and mold but also brighten your home!

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Additional Effectiveness

In some cases your home may need heated water to also enhance the power of the soft washing method. Since were not relying on high pressure in order to protect your home we will rely on of course cleaning agents but also super heated water. Hot water behaves differently than cold water – its molecules move around faster, which makes it ideal for certain situations that involve particularly stubborn spots and stains. For instance, if you’re dealing with any grease spots, rust or oxidized siding – hot water will enhance the effectiveness of the cleaning detergent.

However hot water isn’t always ideal. Along with ‘cleaning’ better, it also is better at causing unintended damage. You probably don’t want to strip protective paints or stains. This is why it is vital to have a professionally trained house washing company on your side. We know just the right amount of pressure, detergent and heat to use on each project. Every material is different and every job has different stains to tackle, this is why we do not offer a one size fits all solution to every job but rather a customized approach for your exact needs.

Trust Our Professional Expertise

The real reason to hire a Quincy house washing service like ours is the expertise that comes with our years of practice. Just like you wouldn’t use a hammer on a screw or a microwave to cook a raw steak, it’s important to use the right tools and techniques for the job. 
It takes a lot of experience to know exactly what pressures, temperatures, and detergents a particular material needs. Because each home is constructed differently, they need to also be approached differently. We stress this again because of its importance. Many pressure washing companies will use the same approach to clean your concrete, deck, siding and your roof. This is insanity! Trust the professionals who not only want to beautify your home but also protect it!

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What You Can Expect With Our Services

Quincy House Washing Experts

The main reason you should hire our Quincy house washing services is that we have the experience and know-how to effectively and SAFELY clean every square inch of your property! No matter the type of siding your home has whether it be vinyl, hardy wood, true wood, stucco , brick or even aluminium we can wash it back to its original beauty!

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Wood House Washing

For wood house washing low pressure is a must. higher water pressure can splinter the wood. A base layer of water needs to be allowed to sit before applying detergent for optimal absorption (otherwise the detergent might just run into the lawn).

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aluminium house washing quincy IL

Aluminum House Washing

For aluminium house washing, higher pressure is allowed, but care must be taken in regards to angling. Never allow the water to travel up under the panel overlaps. Aluminum is also also prone to discoloration if the wrong detergent is used.

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Vinyl Siding Cleaning

For vinyl siding cleaning a specialized solution needs to be used to avoid warping and deformation. Areas surrounding window or door frames need to be treated particularly carefully.

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brick house washing quincy IL

Brick House Washing

Brick house washing requires delicate care. we always allow the brick to absorb plenty of water before applying detergent. Otherwise, the detergent may be trapped deep in the brick even after the rinse.

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These are just a handful of tips we’ve picked up. There are as many styles to house washing Quincy properties as there are homes. Luckily we‘re the experts who have seen every situation you’re likely to present.

The Green Pro Guarantee

Over the course of most lives, one eventually develops relationships with service professionals that they trust. You’ll find a great lawyer, a great tax person, a mechanic you trust, maybe a real estate agent you recommend all your friends to.

When we started this company we did it with a goal in mind: be the people the customer can trust time and time again.

It’s important to us that your experience with us is absolutely flawless. If throughout our relationship you should find that there’s anything we can do to improve, please let us know.

We guarantee to exceed all your expectations and be the people you trust. We have one simple promise to provide the best house washing service or your money back!

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