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In Quincy, window cleaning is often overlooked. Making sure your  windows are clean and streak-free is much more important than one might think. It’s been proven that sunlight makes people feel happier – emotionally and physically. If your windows are dirty and streaked, you’re not getting as much sunlight coming into your house as possible, not to mention any view you may have around your home will be grossly tainted by dirt and bug splats.

Window cleaning isn’t just important for the home, however – it’s also important for businesses. The exterior of a building is what gives a customer their first impression of the business. If the windows are caked with fingerprints and stains, the customer isn’t going to have a great impression.

We offer the best window cleaning Quincy has to offer. We want to help you feel even happier in your home and also ensure a positive first impression for your business.

Window Cleaning - More Than Meets The Eye

Window cleaning may sound easy – but when you use paper towels and a store-bought cleaners, are you really getting your windows the cleanest they can be? Or are you actually damaging the glass? There are quite a few things you need to keep in mind when cleaning windows. Here are a few reasons why you might hire a professional window cleaning company.

Hard Water Is No Bueno

Does your home or business have hard water or soft water hookups? Not many people know unless they test the water or read their town’s water reports. What you DON’T want to use is hard water when window washing unless you can effectively squeegee your windows perfectly, otherwise you’re going to leave hard water on the glass that will stain and even damage your windows over time. Luckily, even if you have hard water stains on your windows we have special treatments that can restore your windows!

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Pure Water Window Cleaning

Filtered soft water makes ALL the difference when washing windows. You may not know if you have hard water or soft water unless you test it, and for many people, it doesn’t matter. If you’re doing any cleaning, however, it matters a lot. 

In Quincy, window cleaning with filtered soft water is imperative. As the customer, you don’t have to worry about whether you have hard water or soft water hookup at your home or place of business. We bring our own portable triple filtration system with us to guarantee that pure water is used. We can safely wash all of your windows even ones up to 4 stories high with our water fed poles. We pump purified water through our water fed poles to a soft nylon brush that will gently agitate your windows while rinsing them thoroughly with ultra-pure water. The end result of our pure water window washing is spot free and streak free windows!

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Eco-friendly Window Cleaning Solutions

If were not cleaning your windows with our water fed poles than that means your windows need special attention and we will clean them by hand. In the window washing industry this is know as nose to glass. cleaning glass by hand allows us to but a little bit of elbow grease into the process where necessary. So if you have paint over-spray or any hard, stuck on gunk we can safely remove it and leave a spot free finish for your windows. When we clean by hand we have to rely on cleaning detergents to wet the glass, scrub the glass and the squeegee it to perfection. Green Pro never uses harsh cleaning solutions through this process but ones that are safe on your windows and of course gentle on our hands.

Safe Window Washing At All Heights

While there may not be much of safety concern when cleaning the interior windows of your home, there may be a safety concern with window washing inside a place of business – depending on how tall they stand. There’s also a big safety concern with cleaning the windows outside your house and business if they’re above the first floor. Even with a safety ladder, this can be extremely dangerous if you’re not completely physically stable and/or have experience with being on ladders.

You don’t have to worry about renting any safety equipment or asking someone to spot you on the ladder if you call us. We have all the professional equipment needed to access interior and exterior windows no matter how high up they are. We follow all safety precautions and regulations. Our team is licensed and insured and all employees of ours are protected through our workman compensation insurance.

We Use Only the Best Equipment

To thoroughly clean your windows, you’ll need squeegees, water-fed poles, safety ladders, and more. Most people don’t just have these things on hand. Sure, you can purchase them yourself – but it’s pricey. Suddenly window washing has turned into a much larger expense than expected.

To clean your windows, we’re not using paper towels and some window cleaner we picked up at the local store. We use only the best professional equipment that can be found to get the job done, and get your home looking the best it can be!

Our Window Cleaning Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We guarantee to make your windows, whether in your home or your business, look brand new again. Contact us for a free quote. We offer the best window cleaning Quincy has ever seen.

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